Caring  for  your garment

Cool wash by hand  or  on the wool/silk/delicates  cycle  of  your washing  machine
Use a pH neutral soap: a detergent  designed  for delicates, an olive  oil soap or even baby shampoo will work well. You can use  fabric  conditioner, or hair  conditioner  works well on silk or wool.

Do not  dry clean , do not soak, do not  tumble  dry.

It’s  important  to dry wool or  knitted garments  flat, and ease  into shape as they dry. Iron with a  moderate  iron.
Wool jackets can be  difficult  to iron. Although they shouldn’t be  dry cleaned, they can be  taken to the  dry cleaner  to be  steam pressed for a  professional result.
Special note about  indigo : until it’s been washed a  few  times, the  colour  may run, or  rub  onto pale  coloured fabrics. Wash separately  for the  first few washes, then wash with like - coloured  items

 Do not hang in direct sunlight for long periods of time or they might fade. of course  it's OK to wear them on sunny days, but don't leave them in the  conservatory or on the parcel shelf of your car for days, and don't hang wallhangings in full sun - teat them as you would a watercolour painting