New! Private online coaching

A few people have asked me to work with them privately to troubleshoot problems or give inspiration. It worked well, so I have decided to open this up to everyone. Basically you can buy my time by the hour or half hour for whatever you want. Examples might be:

Help getting started for beginners
Looking at your work together to analyse what went wrong and how to improve your results
Teaching you how to use a particular dye or mordant
Showing how to fold garments to print
How to get reds with eucalyptus
How to get particular colour effects

The sky is the limit, we can work on whatever you choose

There are however one or two exceptions - advanced techniques that I am saving for participants in my face to face advanced courses. I need to have something unique up my sleeve for them

We can use zoom or facebook video call.

There's also the option for me to provide you with tailor made online modules to use in combination with the live sessions.

Drop me an email at and we can discuss what you need

£50 per hour

Ecoprint with natural dyes- online workshop

Workshop commences 8th May 2021

A truly comprehensive workshop covering mordants, natural dyes, and combining natural dye with ecoprint . Everything you need to know to create vividly coloured ecoprinted textiles on both cellulose and protein fabrics. Timed to commence just when the young leaves have emerged and will be at their best in northen hemisphere countries.


What's included:


  • A comprehensive materials list
  • Extensive video tutorials, with access for 6 months
  • Sixteen separate teaching modules
  • A downloadable manual
  • A private facebook group where you can share progress and ask questions, for six weeks
  • An intensive course, rich in detailed information - but fun and creative too
  • This isn't a live course - you can access it whenever you like, and learn at your own pace - no problem whatever time zone you live in
  • Basically, everything you would get on my 3 day face to face workshop for ecoprint and natural dyes, but with a printable manual and continued online support

Who is it for?

Anyone who has mastered the basic ecoprinting skills. You need to know how to bundle, how to use barriers, how to steam. This course is for people who are getting satisfactory prints using simple methods, and now want to start getting more colourful results. Or for more advanced printers who need a refresher, feel there is scope to improve their results, or would simply like to be part of an enthusiastic and interactive ecoprint learning group.


I will not be covering basic bundling skills so this course is not suitable for complete beginners.I do have a foundation skills online course which would give you all the basics you need to follow on to this course

(I'll run this course again in April to lead in to the Ecoprint and natural dyes course)

What we will cover

  • Choice and sourcing of fabrics
  • Mordanting for both protein and cellulose fabrics
  • What leaves and dyes actually do and how they interact
  • Discharging leaves
  • Making up dyebaths with several different dyes
  • Making dyes from things you can forage or grow yourself
  • Adding your dye several different ways - before, during or after printing
  • Using carrier cloths/blankets
  • Techniques to get a patterned background
  • Lots of video showing exactly how I bundle to get clear prints and no wrinkles
  • Ways to print larger pieces, even if you have a small pot
  • How to wash and care for your fabric
  • Problem solving
  • Rescuing pieces that didn't go right first time
  • Printing simple garments with the techniques you have learned
  • You are positively encouraged to ask questions and share your work within the private group

How much will it cost?

The course will cost £275.


However ,there will be an 'earlybird' price of £245 for those who enrol before March 1st

There is also a special discounted price of £245 for anyone who has ever done a beginners class with me, either face to face or online ( you will need to contact me before booking to get a coupon code)


For comparison, my 3 day face to face workshop costs £300, but the online course will have the additional benefit of a printable manual and four weeks' online support.


How to book

To book, click on this link, or you may need to cut and paste it.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.




Online Foundation skills workshop April 2021

While it is still so uncertain when I shall be able to run face to face workshops, I  am going to run an online one. It will run from April 3rd for a month

 When you start ecoprinting, you open the door to a magical world. But it's a world that can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. You see beautiful work posted online, with glowing colours and clear crisp prints, but yours don't turn out like that, and you wonder what the 'secret' is.

Well I'll let you into a secret - there isn't a secret!

What there is is knowledge, skills and practice. Those are the essential ingredients for getting reliable, crisp prints.

This online workshop will give you that knowledge , teach you the techniques you need, give you confidence in your results, and inspire you to take the next steps on your learning curve.

What's included

  • A detailed materials list which you will receive on booking.
  • Approximately 2 hours of video tuition which you will be able to access for 6 months
  • A comprehensive manual that you can download, print, and keep forever
  • A private online group where you can share you results and ask me questions for four weeks
  • Access the course whenever you want, and learn at your own pace
  • Basically, everything that you would get in my face to face one day beginners workshop, but with a printable manual, and ongoing online support
  • Who is it for?

    Beginners and near beginners , this is ideal for you. You will learn everything you need to set out on your printing adventures , including how to source the materials you need economically - ecoprinting need not be expensive! By the end of the course you will have a practical setup at home to continue your printing, you will have made a number of pieces using different methods, and you will have all the knowledge and technique you need to continue experimenting confidently, and progress to more complicated processes

    But it's not just for complete beginners. Have you been printing for a while, but just not happy with your results? Blurred prints? Wrinkled fabric? Unsightly blobs? Leaves that just won't print at all? Not sure how to use an iron blanket? Not sure when to use a barrier?Just feeling confused and lacking understanding about what works and why? This course will answer your questions and restore your confidence. Everything you need to know to enable you to take the next step with more complex techniques.

    In short, this is the course that I wish had existed when I started my ecoprinting journey

    What we will cover

    • The materials you will need, and how to prepare them, including finding leaves that will give you great results. What to use even in deepest winter when you can't get fresh leaves.
    • How to set up your workplace, including working safely in your kitchen if you don't have studio space.
    • Comprehensive and detailed instructions for bundling - lots of video footage of me actually making bundles , telling you exactly what I am doing step by step - and why
    • Composition and design
    • Troubleshooting - what went wrong, why, and what to do so it doesn't happen again
    • How long to cook, when to unbundle, how to care for your fabric afterwards
    • We will start by making samples, and progress to scarves, and larger pieces suitable for cushions or bags
    • We will be steaming our bundles, not submerging and boiling
    • We will be working with iron as our only mordant. (Future modules will build on this, adding other mordants and combining ecoprint with natural dyes)
    • How to book

       You will be able to pay by credit card or paypal

       For those of you in the stitchclub. Some of the material in this workshop is also contained in my stitchclub workshop, though this one is longer and more detailed, with additional material and more techniques. I shall be running this workshop again in the future. I'd suggest that you do the stitch club workshop first, and then if you would like to develop your skills further I will offer you this workshop at a 50% discount, to reflect the duplicated contact


      For more information about me, to view my work, or to see reviews and information about my previous workshops, please visit my website


It’s time for an update on workshops

Sadly, every workshop in 2020 had to be cancelled or postponed

Let’s hope that 2021 will be better!

I am in the ’extremely vulnerable’ group, so need to be extra cautious, so I won’t be doing any face to face workshops until I have been vaccinated, or until levels of covid are greatly reduced. But I am optimistic that I might be able to run small group semi private workshops from May.

Meanwhile :

I am just putting together the finishing touches for a ‘Foundation skills for ecoprinters’ online workshop. This will  be suitable for complete beginners, but also valuable for anyone who is still not getting the results they want and needs to go back to first principles to nail those perfect prints. Flyer to follow. The course is due to open mid January.

I am also going to offer one to one coaching from January 2021. To troubleshoot problems or explore one specific technique. Buy my undivided attention by the hour!

The following workshops were postponed from last year. They are all fully booked, but stuff happens, so if you are interested, it’s worth adding your name to the waiting list

Ecoprint with natural dye. Manoir de Kerledan 23-29 August

Advanced ecoprint masterclass . Manoir de Kerledan 3-11 September

2 day beginners ecoprint. Littleheath Barn 7-8 October