soft viscose shawl

Price: 80.00 GBP
very soft nd floaty viscose fabric, predominantly in shades of grey and olive green - very wearble!

large silk shawl 47

Price: 100.00 GBP
finest silk chrmeuese, a glorious peacock blue with gold and bronze prints

wool shawl sh 31

Price: 80.00 GBP
pure new wool, warm soft and drapey. Printed with eucalyptus leaves

Silk shawl/extra large scarf sh 02

Price: 80.00 GBP
Luxuriously weighty silk satin which drapes beautifully. Dyed with logwood and tannins to a dusky pinky mauve.Printed with fig, paeony,walnut,cotinus, geranium, Japanese maple

cosy wool wrap sh03

Price: 120.00 GBP
pure new wool, very warm and drapey in a slightly chunky knit. Nice and long, just belwo the knee, and a generous freesize. Printed with eucalyptus

Wool/silk shawl sh10

Price: 90.00 GBP
lightweight silky shawl made from wool silk blend. Printed in mellow olives and dusky purples

silk charmeuse shawl/large scarf sh11

Price: 90.00 GBP
Dyed to a teal blue with natural dyes and printed with leaves in coppers and silvers. Wonderful lustre to this fabric

Wool silk shawl sh12

Price: 90.00 GBP
warm wool silk shawl. Dyed with logwood. Printed with macleaya, jasmine, akebia, paeony, maple

Silk satin shawl sh13

Price: 100.00 GBP
Lustrous floaty silk satin. Dyed with natural dyes and tannins, and printed with mixed Autumn leaves

lightweight wool shawl sh14

Price: 60.00 GBP
printed with purple plum and norway maple

incredibly soft wool shawl 48

Price: 80.00 GBP
printed with eucalyptus. Light and floaty wool