sample of hearts. approx 3 inch diameter

new downloadable template fro improved headband design


See text below for details of drawstring bags for nhs


Scrub bags

There is a shortage of ‘ scrubs’ The simple cotton pyjama like garments that NHS workers wear at work. Volunteers are busy making more. Meanwhile, NHS workers are being asked to bring their scrubs home after each shift and launder them. If the scrubs are contaminated with virus, this is a risk to them and their families.  We are making cotton or polycotton drawstring bags. Workers can change out of their work clothes before going home and put them in the drawstring bag, and then the whole thing can go in the washing machine, reducing the risk of infection.

What is needed :

The bag needs to be approximately 20 x 24 inches, a little bigger or smaller is fine

It needs to be made from a fairly lightweight , washable material . Cotton or polycotton are ideal. Many people are making them out of sheets pillowcases or duvet colours. In fact pillowcases are perfect- all you need to do is put a drawstring in the top.

The drawstring also needs to be washable, and the seams need to be strongly sewn to withstand repeated washing

Below is a tutorial on  making  a bag, but  feel free to design and sew as you see fit. If you  do internet there are many tutorials on Pinterest.

To work out how much fabric you need, decide on the size that you would like your finished bag to be, then add 7cm onto the height and 2cm to the sides. Then fold your fabric in half and cut out your piece on the fold. The fold will be the bottom of your bag.

Fold your piece of fabric in half wrong sides together so that the fold is at the bottom and the raw edges are lined up at the top. Measure down 7cm from the top on each side and put a pin in your fabric horizontally. This will be your marker to tell you where to stop sewing. Sew straight up the sides using a 1/8 inch seam allowance, stopping at the horizontal marker.

Turn the top edges of the side seam inwards by approximately 1/4 inch and press into place. Repeat this on both sides and sew into place, stitching as close to the edge as you can.


Turn your bag inside out and press the seams flat. Now you are going to make your French seams and encase the raw edges by sewing up the sides of your bag using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Pop a pin just past the ends of your folded in edges and when you get to the pin sew at a right angle to your line of stitching towards the edge of your bag so that it hides any raw edges. 

 Now to make the drawstring casing. Fold one of the edges over by 1/4 inch and press into place. Fold the fabric over again and line it up with the top of your side seam, Pin into place and sew as close to the edge as you can, making sure that the other side of the casing underneath is out of the way.

Once you have sewn the first channel into place, lie your bag down and use your first channel as a guide to line up the second one. Pin into place and sew close to the edge.

Attach your drawstring  to a safety pin, thread it through one of your channels and then back through the channel on the other side. Thread a second length of cotton tape through in the opposite direction.

Knot the ends and trim close to the knots.




A pattern and instructions for making a headband with buttons . Healthworkers are wearing a mask for so long that the skin around their ears is breaking down. The pattern is provided by 'Warwickshire Scrubbers' Look for them on facebook. They are happy for it to be used by anyone anywhere in the world  to help healthcare workers